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Intrusion Prevention

We use Intrusion Prevention as a means of blocking suspicious connection attempts to our mail server so as to prevent spam and malicious attacks. A suspicious connection attempt may include a mail client (such as Outlook) that is not configured correctly, as defined by our mail server or by your Internet Service Provider. Additionally, we block connections to our mail server that are coming from an IP Address that is listed on a DNSBL. If a mail client connection from your network to our mail server seems suspicious, Intrusion Prevention will block your IP address for 60 minutes. After those 60 minutes have expired, Intrusion Prevention will most likely get triggered again unless the underlying issue has been addressed.

To resolve an Intrusion Prevention error, you must make sure that your mail client settings (such as Outlook) are correct, as well as the mail clients configured on other computers that share your office network. If someone has recently added a Speartek-hosted email account to a mail client in your office, then that mail client account is the likely culprit. Please visit the Mail Client Setup section for more information about configuring mail clients.

Once you confirm that all mail clients are configured correctly, we will need you to notify us of your IP address. An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is a numerical address that is assigned to computers participating in a network using the Internet Protocol to communicate. All computers within one office will most likely have the same IP address.

To determine your IP address, you can go to http://www.whatismyip.com.

Click here to send your IP Address to our support team.

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